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By Harlan Coben

Dutton, April 26th, 2005
ISBN: 0-9759653-8-7

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

We never stop to think, but onerash incident can change a man's life forever. Need an example? Just ask Matt Hunter. At the age of 20 Matt steps in to aid a friend at a college party and ends up serving a four

year sentence in prison for accidentally killing another student.

Five years have passed since Matt was released from prison and he has made every attempt to get his life back on track. He is now a paralegal in the firm where his brother works, is married to the girl of his dreams and has a child on the way.

So Matt wonders why his past seems to be haunting him. Someone sends incriminatingpictures to him from his wife's phone, indicating that she is having a torrid affair.

Matt tries to believe in his wife and prove his innocence but many things seem to stand in his way. A former school mate is now a detective on the case, a nun is found dead, her autopsy pointing to her shady past andthe FBI agents that are sent to investigate all seem convinced of Matt's guilt. Their opinion? Once a killer, always a killer.

Once again Harlan Coben has hit a home run. Matt, the innocent that the book is titled after makes an attempt to regain his life only to have the past come back and haunt him.

I am a devoted Coben fan and look forward to each new title. I am never disappointed.

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