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By Ashley Gardner

Berkley, December, 2003 ($5.99)
ISBN: 0425193306

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

This book takes place during the Regency period in the early 1800s. Throughout the book the author gives you a taste for the period in history, without inundating you with lengthy facts.

The main character in the story is Captain Lacey. He is a man with little means who has left the army and now lives in London. One evening outside of 22 Hanover Square Captain Lacey stumbles across Mr. Thornton, who has been wounded. Captain Lacey assists the gentleman and in doing so learns how he came to be outside this particular house. Mr. Thornton believes the occupant of the house, Mr. Josiah Horne, has kidnapped his daughter. Captain Lacey vows to find his daughter, Alice Thornton.

Although Captain Lacey does not have the money to travel in high society, a rich gentleman, Mr. Grenville has befriended him. Mr. Grenville is bored with his life and has discovered that whatever Lacey is involved in often brings intrigue. I find this part a little hard to believe. However Mr. Grenville soon learns of Lacey's quest to find Alice Thornton and volunteers his assistance. He warns Lacey about some unsavoury characters he may encounter and thus kidnapping soon leads to murder.

The idea for this story is a good one, however the character Captain Lacey is not believable. The rich Mr. Grenville is not always in the picture as he has many engagements to attend. Captain Lacey on the other hand seems to have nothing better to do than chase after a supposed kidnapper. Only the idle rich of the time could flitter about without an actual job, so I question where Captain Lacey gets his money to live on.

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