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By Tim Dorsey

William Morrow, August 2000.

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

This is a great book for all you Carl Hiassen fans who enjoy reading about the underbelly of southern Florida society. It is a sequel to Dorsey's FLORIDA ROADKILL, with a repeat performance by hyperactive spree killer, taxidermist, and Florida folklore expert Serge A. Stormes.

Stormes is perhaps the most likable of a huge and motley cast of characters whose various cons, crimes, and misfortunes bring them all together into an explosive finale at the Hammerhead Ranch Motel during a major hurricane. There is gun-toting grandma, a pair of sex and drug crazed coeds on the run, a couple of schoolboy innocents, a gaggle of Hemingway impersonators who become a very reluctant sky-diving team, an ill-fated dancing TV weather predicting dog, some inept drug runners - the list goes on. How they all get to the motel, a sleazy remnant of better days now surrounded by high-priced high rises, is spun out in a dizzying array of converging story lines. Fun for those who go for this kind of black humor. Dave Barry fans will probably like it, too. It is not for those who prefer cozies or neatly linear plotlines, nor for the queasy or faint-of-heart.

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