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A Peter Bartholomew Mystery By Sally Gunning

Pocket Star Books, Paperback, 304 pages (June, 1999) $6.50

Peter and Connie Bartholomew's life has never seemed better. Peter's business " The Factotum" is flourishing. He and Connie are doing well. They are settling in to raise five year old Lucy Suggs, a young child orphaned after her mother's death.

Then while playing in the marsh in front of their home Lucy makes a gruesome discovery. A skull is found. Not just any skull but the skull of one Susan Jameson, a stunning redhead who was once an old flame of Peter's. Susan had vanished more than 15 years ago.

What could be worse? A second skull is unearthed during the investigation. This time it appears to belong to Manny Rose, a rum runner who had vanished also...but in the 1920's.

Police investigator Will McOwat has his hands full with this case. For not only must he investigate these disappearances but he is also falling in love with Pete's sister Polly.

Although the skulls seem unconnected all fingers seem to be pointing to Peter. So Pete finds himself delving into the past to try to solve the mystery.

This book moved along well and had some interesting history lessons about rum running during prohibition in the 1920's. I found myself warming to these characters. A quick and easy read.

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