THE GROANING BOARD( A Smith and Wetzon mystery)
By Annette Meyers

Bantam Books, October, 1998

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Leslie Wetzon meets the feuding partners in The Groaning Board, dubbed "the sexiest food shop in New York" by the critics, when she and Xenia Smith, her partner in a high profile head hunting company try to select a menu for an upcoming soiree. There is obvious tension between the two caterers, A.T. Barron, a hyper, rodent-featured dynamo and Micklynn Devora, a large, flamboyant woman who has a wicked way with a boning knife. Ellen, a relative of Micklynn's ex-husband, seems to be a small-town innocent. Or she might be a devious nymphet with big plans of her own. A.T.’s entrepreneur brother Hemingway, although married to the insanely jealous Minnie Wu, has a roving eye.

Wetzon’s policeman lover, Silvestri, becomes involved in the homicide of an old flame, and his obsession with the case causes serious problems in their relationship. When she is at her lowest emotionally, enter Bill Veeder, a super wealthy, super smooth attorney who pulls out all the stops to win her heart, despite the fact that he has an invalid wife.

This is a complex mixture of murder, philandering husbands, stock market intrigue and Broadway ballyhoo, set in the glamour of Manhattan’s movers and shakers.

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