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By Martin Hegwood

Minotaur Press, July, 2000 (HC) $23.95.

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

THE GREEN EYED HURRICANE marks the return of Shamus Jack Delmas in Martin Hegwood's second book. Delmas's family friend Casper Perinovich has been a shrimper in the Biloxi Point Cadet for his whole life, and it is his way of life, and he won't change his course of his life. Not even at the threats of the local Vietnamese street-gangs, nor will he cave into the pleas and offerings of land developers who want his plot of land as the lynchpin for the site of a new casino.

When Perinovich's house explodes with him in it, some believe it was an accident and others say it was murder.

Of course Jack Delmas feels an obligation to his old friend to discover the truth. As Delmas delves deeper into his friend's death, he discovers corrupt politicians, Dixie mafia members, street gangs, and shady businessmen all had ties to his Perinovich, and all had a vested interest in seeing him removed. Thrown into the mix is the return of Petrovich's niece, who was at one time Delmas's love, but is now intertwined with the powers that are developing the Gulfcoast.

THE GREEN-EYED HURRICANE is a well-written mystery in the vein of James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux of the Mississippi Delta.

Other titles by this author include: BIG EASY BACKROAD.

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