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A Novel of Suspense featuring Molly Blume
By Rochelle Krich

Ballantine Books, September 28, 2004
ISBN: 0-345-46810-4

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Molly Blume returns in GRAVE ENDINGS, her third book. Molly is a true crime writer who has a small weekly column. In this book Molly is very busy with the preparations for her wedding to her fiancé, Jack, a Jewish rabbi. In the middle of all these preparations Molly is cruelly reminded of the murder of her dearest friend, Aggie, six years before. The police arrive to tell Molly that a young man has been found dead of an apparent overdose, Aggie's necklace in his possession.

Local police want to call the old case closed, but Molly feels she has to know more about the man, Roland Greeley, and why he killed Aggie.

As Molly investigates to learn more about Roland, she comes into contact with his family and friends and learns more and more about him. Although he was a drug addict, Roland had gone to drug rehab, was working a program and had began to apologize to people he had wronged over the years.

Molly begins to doubt Roland's guilt and refuses to accept an easy answer to Aggie's death.

Spread throughout the mystery is a lot of information about the Orthodox Jewish faith. Molly is an Orthodox Jew marrying a Rabbi. It was very interesting to learn about a culture I have had no contact with.

I loved the story of Rachel's Tomb -- where it was said that a red thread wrapped wound the tomb was said to have protective powers.

Rochelle Krich has written yet another interesting series and may be a power to be reckoned with.

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