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By Sara Stockbridge

W.W. Norton & Company, 2009 ($23.95)
ISBN-10: 0393067181
ISBN-13: 978-0-393-06718-7

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

If you enjoy stories that are fanciful, then this is the book for you. Although the author tries to intertwine historical events to give her character some credibility, she falls short in many areas.

The year is 1888 and Grace Hammer, a single mother, now lives a somewhat respectable life in East End of London with her children. She and her children make a living by picking pockets, but no one in the neighbourhood ever guesses what she does to support her family.

Grace's life is good, that is until her past catches up with her, and she and her family have to go on the run. In her youth she stole an expensive piece of jewelry, and now the man she deceived is in pursuit. After getting her family to safety out of London, she returns to face her pursuer, knowing one of them must die.

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