Goon, Goon…Gone!

By S. Furlong-Bolliger


Since Sweet Tooth Lambino — they called him that for a good reason — rarely left anything sweet on his plate, Guido knew there was only one possible place for those diamonds to be — in the leftover cannolis.

As it turned out, Sweet Tooth saw his opportunity to put the blame on Guido after he noticed Guido staring at the diamonds. Sweet Tooth figured that hiding the earrings in the cannolis was a sure way to smuggle them out of the restaurant. After all, who would think to check inside a cannoli?

Since Guido found the diamonds, he earned a favor from The Boss. Now the Lambinos, minus poor Sweet Tooth, eat their meals across town at Angelo’s Ristorante.

S. Furlong-Bolliger is the author of THE GEORGIA PEACH MYSTERIES (Berkley Prime Crime), writing as Susan Furlong. She also writes the NOVEL IDEA MYSTERIES under the pen name Lucy Arlington.

Two of her short stories have been published on omdb! online. "Mustard's Last Stand" (September, 2011) and "Murder: A League of Its Own" (June, 2012).

She also writes the popular Sheriff Marge Crump Solve-it-Yourself Mini-Mysteries.

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