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Director: John Miller

Screenplay: John Miller, Nick Knowles, Jeremy Sheldon

Cast: Mark Williams, Simon Callow, Bernard Hill, Phil Davis, Alan Armstrong, Una Stubbs, Lily Travers, Sue Johnston, Virginia McKenna, Brad Moore, Ellen Thomas…

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Rating: Not rated
Running Time: 96 minutes
Price: $18.85

Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(November, 2017)


GOLDEN YEARS is a clever heist caper, featuring a group of old-age pensioners whose pension funds have been lost, through bureaucratic mishandling, leaving them in the lurch with no real recourse yet they refuse to take the crisis at face value. They stumble onto a solution…rob banks.

The film features a strong cast of charming older British character actors and actresses, and is an unexpectedly fun romp and heart-warming tale.

Although not quite on par with The Best Marigold Hotel for ensemble acting amongst the older set or OAPs (old-age pensioners) as the Brits call them, or the crime level of The Grand Budapest Hotel, nonetheless, GOLDEN YEARS is quite charming in its own right.

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