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By Gregg Hurwitz

BBC Audio Books, 2007 ($39.95)
10 hours and 50 minutes (audio format), 9 Compact Disks
ISBN: 978-1602839953

Also available in:
Paperback: $14.99
ISBN: 978-0143113447
Kindle eBook: $11.99

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

THE CRIME WRITER by Gregg Hurwitz is an interesting proposition. The book opens with crime novelist Drew Danner heading home after being found guilty but not responsible of his ex-lover's murder because of a brain tumor. The kicker is that Drew doesn't know whether he killed his ex-girlfriend or not, and not until the very end of this book do we, along with Drew Danner, learn that one question.

However, upon his release, Drew's trying to figure his way, and he's also trying to figure out if he's "crazy" from his tumor. Immediately after his release, another woman is murdered, and the killer tries to frame Drew Danner for the murder, and so we're off to the races as Drew tries to catch the real killer.

Now, on the surface "the wrongly accused man" is a well-worn plot device for mystery and thrillers. I agree. But Hurwitz takes the clichés and plays on them. Danner himself is a crime novelist and he knows these clichés and all of the pitfalls, and he comments on them in internal dialogue. Greg Hurwitz's voice and telling the tale make this story very compelling.

THE CRIME WRITER is another book I enjoyed in audio-book form. Well known to audio-book fans, Scott Brick narrates this book and does a wonderful job.

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