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Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

By Victoria Laurie

Obsidian, 2011 ($7.99)
ISBN-10: 045123197X
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-23197-0

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

M. J. Holliday and her crew for the cable TV show Ghost Getters are not given a warm welcome in the Irish town of Dunlee when they announce they plan to film at Dunlow Castle. Many had tried to find the treasure of Lord Ranald Dunnyvale, acquired when he ransomed some survivors of the Spanish Armada. All had failed, and some had paid with their lives. There's only one way to reach the castle, built on the highest peak of an island: across an ancient causeway that is flooded most of the time. Boats can't get close to the rocky shore, and aircraft can't land. The authorities tell them that if anything goes wrong, they'll be on their own.

Not to be deterred, the brave band of adventurers cross the causeway. As they approach the island, they hear a voice from above, frantically calling "Alex"over and over. They run toward the sound, only to see a body fall from the mountain, and hear the sickening sound of a body hitting the ground. The body, however, can't be found, and when the team reports their story to the authorities they find out why. After a series of tragedies and strange events, the locals learned to keep away from the island, believing it to be inhabited by Something very evil and powerful.

M. J. and her crew are more interested in the paranormal aspects of the castle than the gold, which they believe to be most likely a tall tale. There are plenty of chills and shivers, ghosties and goblins, and one very big and powerful phantom who will do whatever it takes to send the crew packing, dead or alive. Much as the crew would like to oblige the malevolent creature, one of their number is missing, and they will not leave until they find him.

M.J. is literally haunted by the story of the young man who fell to his death calling out for Alex, and she does some digging in the historical records. A few of the locals welcome her interest, and with their help she is able to bring peace to a tormented soul and closure to those who loved him. In the process, she and other team members run into some trouble from the living and the dead, but in the end, good triumphs over evil.

This is the fifth in the Ghost Hunter Mystery series, and once again Ms. Laurie has written a winner.

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