By L. J. Sellers


Publisher:  Spellbinder Press (May, 2016)
Price: $12.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0984008636

Kindle edition: $3.99

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Reviewed by Cherie Jung
(December, 2017)


THE GENDER EXPERIMENT is a riveting crime thriller.

Taylor Lopez is a medical-legal-death intern in Denver, Colorado. She is a student at the University of Colorado. Her career choice is forensic investigator. Her job in the internship is to help investigate the cause of death on the corpses assigned to her supervisor through questioning friends and relatives of the deceased, not to actually participate in the autopsies. Pathology interns were assigned to the autopsies. When she makes a troubling discovery in the morgue – two dual-gender people died in Denver in less than a month – she searches for an answer. She suspects the deaths are more sinister than coincidental. Is there more to the deaths than meets the eye? Is someone targeting young intersex people?

I’ve written it before but it bears repeating, L. J. Sellers is a first rate story-teller. Her characters are complex yet captivating. The storyline is intriguing and has an urgency that will propel the reader from page one to the last word on the final page.

I rarely re-read a book however; I’ve read THE GENDER EXPERIMENT twice and will probably read it again soon.


L. J. Sellers is the author of the popular Detective Wade Jackson series, the Agent Dallas series, and standalone thrillers.

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