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HELEN HATH NO FURY: An Amanda Pepper mystery
By Gillian Roberts

Ballantine, July 2000 (240 pages)

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

Philadelphia schoolteacher Amanda Pepper does not believe her friend Helen Coulter committed suicide by jumping from the room of her luxurious townhouse, nor does she think it was an accident. While Helen had been acting strangely for awhile, only the night before, in their book club discussion, she had been vocally disapproving of an author's use of suicide to resolve the problems of her main character.

On the face of it, Helen's life was fine, and she was happily involved in a number of projects, including the renovation of her home. Against her better judgment, and against the advice of some of the club members who'd known Helen longer, and of her husband and daughter, Amanda decides Helen was murdered. She and another group member, Susan Hileman, set out to find out what, in Helen's recent or distant past, might have lead someone to kill her.

At the same time, Amanda is drawn into the problems of a 15 year-old student, Petra. The girl has confided to Amanda that she's pregnant, and is deathly afraid of her stern parents' reaction if they find out. Amanda tries to find a way to help her, but handles the situation clumsily.

While this is going on, Amanda's relationship with live-in love, policeman C.K. Mackenzie, enters a new phase, requiring major decisions to be made.

Amanda finally does find out the answer to one mystery: what the initials C. K. stand for. She had been totally wrong in all her attempts to solve that one.

This is an enjoyable cozy, a must for the followers of her series.

Other books in this series include: THE BLUEST BLOOD and ADAM AND EVIL, also reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel.

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