"Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Commentary by Cherie Jung

(10 March, 2014)

We are well into the New Year now (both by the Western and Lunar calendars). I still haven't summoned up the courage to write down any New Year's resolutions. I think I just might skip that task altogether this year, what with my penchant for avoiding even the simplest ones I make.

My horoscope (aka: horror-scope) predicts all kinds of good things may be coming my way. (Key words...may be.) Travel. Adventure. Personal growth. (Ouch! That one sounds painful. I'm already wearing my "fat" pants and any other personal growth doesn't sound like fun either!). But I am not so easily fooled. I usually suspect there is a hidden warning — a darker meaning — in the predictions of my horoscope; like the weather forecaster who predicts there will be no snow only to have a foot of the white stuff on the ground before morning.

To be fair, all the bad things that have been threatening to happen haven't happened...yet. (But they are still looming about.) Sometimes it's hard to tell if the challenges are just that — challenges or obstacles to be overcome — or if they are signs that it is time to wrap up the website. We've had a good run; some 26 years in one form or another. Still, it's hard to let go.

As mentioned before, we're looking for a new host for the website, possibly new email addresses, a faster speed modem (we're still at dial-up speed which is slow...), and we're essentially down to one person; me. Over the past few months, several of our dedicated reviewers have been beset by all kinds of health problems, from Stage 4 breast cancer, to surgeries, strokes, and general ill health. Those not struck down by illness are burned out. Unfortunately, I'm in both groups; declining health and burned out.

We do hope to be back to our productive selves quickly. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued patience. (We do have lots of new short stories lined up and they should begin appearing soon. Really soon. Like in a few days!)


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