By Della Borton

Fawcett, February, 2000 ($5.99)

ISBN-10: 0449004082

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

A journalism student films a live cheerleading pageant to make a documentary for a school project. Suddenly, lots of people are following and even stalking her to steal that tape. She has no idea why this is happening. She is not even a renowned filmmaker. She and her friends set out to investigate what it is about the tape that everybody is looking for, and who exactly is behind all of this.

In my opinion, the plot is not really well developed although it had the potential to be a great mystery. I found the story to be too predictable, and at some points the read was just too slow. No wonder this series only got three books published. The only thing I really found great in this book, are the laugh-out-loud dialogues and the hilarious style in which it is written.

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