By John Gardner

G.P. Putnam's Sons, June 1992 $15.95
ISBN: 0-399-13716-5 Format: Hardcover
Series Character: This is Bond's 11th appearance in the new series by John Gardner.
Status: Master spy for the British SIS.

Review by Larry Jung

DEATH IS FOREVER is among the best of the 007 books penned by Gardner. This time he has included a generous portion of ingredients that make up a James Bond thriller: gun play, beautiful women, exotic mayhem, chases, a train ride, romantic locales, a super villian, gagdets, and an impossible mission. The action is non-stop. But best of all, the story is fun and pure escapism.

The murder of two senior agents in Germany sets off alarm bells in the British SIS. James Bond is sent to Berlin to find who killed them and rescue what is left of the case officers' intelligence network code named CABAL. A bogus emergency order to disband and go underground has scattered the agents. The purpose is to kill them one-by-one. Indications from the start show that the British SIS and American CIA have been penetrated at the highest levels. The most trusted of the CABAL agents was directly involved in setting up the murder of her case officer, code named Eagle. "M" as a desparate measure sets up Bond and the CIA agent Easy St. John as bait to draw out both the enemy and what is left of CABAL. The problem is how to tell friend from foe quickly enough to remain alive. The finale is literally shocking.

James Bond fans won't want to miss this one.

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