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by Denise Dietz

Delphi Books (HC)

Reviewed by Karen Meek

The day after Ingrid Beaumont attends her school reunion for a class of the '60s, one of her gang, renowned artist Wylie Jamestone is murdered. He leaves her one of his 'paintings' which features Doris Day and a note stating 'let the treasure hunt begin.' Ingrid is no Miss Marple and loathes mystery novels but along with Hitchcock the Dog and long lost love Ben, she determines to track down the killer. Especially when they appear to be one of her gang and are turning their attention to her.

FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER is a fun read, chockfull of riddles and elephant jokes, some of which are clues that point Ingrid in the right direction. Hitchcock the Dog, though not an investigator, is a significant minor character and contributes to some of the humour. Be warned that Ingrid and Ben's physical encounters are described in some detail, which may take this book out of the cosy category!

Another plus point is that a donation to Canine Companions is made from the proceeds.

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