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Face Down in the Park
By Leonard Foglia and David Richards

Pocket Books, 1999

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Brent Stevens opens his eyes and finds himself face-down on a mosaic floor, staring at a large letter "I," not knowing who or where he is, and not remembering what happened to him to cause such tremendous pain. He staggers out of what turns out to be Central Park, crosses the street to a familiar-looking building, and passes out in the arms of a concerned passer-by. Tina Ruffo, berating herself for once again getting involved when she shouldn’t, can’t resist the pleading look in his eyes. Against her better judgment she accompanies him to the hospital and finds herself in the middle of a dangerous mystery. Strangers are following him, trying to get him to hand over something important enough to kill for; mysterious callers plead with him to contact them. A key he had hidden in his shoe before he was savagely attacked may hold the answers he needs, but he has no clue to what it opens. Interwoven with his plight are two other stories. A young man gets his girlfriend pregnant and heads west. The most glamorous couple in Hollywood are starring in a controversial movie about Adam and Eve. They seem to have everything, but there are secrets which could cause them to lose it all.

All the characters and their stories finally merge into a fiery climax which is intense and satisfying.

Foglia and Richards have a firm command of popular culture. Their descriptions of New York and Hollywood and the movers and shakers of the film industry are fascinating.

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