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THE FAX OF LIFE: a Molly Masters Mystery
By Leslie O'Kane

Fawcett Gold Medal, paperback (May, 1999) $5.99
ISBN: 0-449-00160-1

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Molly Masters, a greeting card entrepreneur, jumps at the opportunity to teach a seminar in her former hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Her husband is away on a businesses trip and her two children are fresh out of school. She manages to convince her friend Lauren, to bring along her daughter, and watch after her children while the seminar is ongoing.

Upon arrival at the so called resort, things soon begin to sour.

The rustic resort is a filthy line of cabins and the ladies that signed up for the glass are far from pleased. In the first session tempers flare and a seemingly threatening note is found.

Soon a dead body is discovered and Molly is the prime suspect. It is up to her to prove her innocence and discover just who among her students has a secret that is worth killing for.

Leslie O'Kane does a great job capturing the reader from page one. Her character Molly is like a long lost friend you have discovered hiding in the pages of a book. I look forward to finding COLD HARD FAX, the previous book in this series and intend to check out her other series featuring Allie Babcock, a dog psychologist.

Titles in the Allie Babcock series include: PLAY DEAD, and RUFF WAY TO GO.

Edcom: THE SCHOOL BOARD MURDERS (Molly Masters series) will be released on June 6, 2000.

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