(A Culinary Mystery)
By Jerrilyn Farmer


Reviewed by Susan Johnson

This is the perfect culinary mystery for our cooking readers.

Sympathy for the Devil was a fun, quick read.

Madeline Bean, is a young up and coming caterer in Hollywood. She and her partner are catering a fun, fun party for Bruno Huntley one of the most unlikable producers in Hollywood. Great right? Not when Bruno turns up dead and Madeline's partner is the top suspect.

So Madeline snoops around in her own inimitable style and tries to solve this mystery.

There are first wives, second wives, first families, second families, out-of-work actors, people hurt in a land deal, and last but certainly not least, an ancient curse...

This fast-moving, fun-paced, first book leaves this reader hoping for more books with the catering skills of Madeline Bean...

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