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By Thomas Perry

Ivy Books, April 1999 (paperback, 421 pages) $6.99

Reviewed by Shirley H. Wetzel

When Jane Whitefield married Dr. Carey Mackinnon, she vowed that her dangerous career of helping hunted people disappear into a new life was over. When her husband's mentor, Dr. Richard Dahlman, becomes a stalking victim and then a murder suspect, Carey asks for her help, believing she is Dahlman's only hope.

In the process of keeping him out of danger and clearing his name, she discovers that during her retirement someone else has taken her identity, with the worst of intents. Her mission to save Dr. Dahlman takes her across the country and back, and involves both her and her husband with the legal authorities.

Subplots are skillfully intertwined involving old friends and old acquaintances.

Other titles by this author include: SHADOW WOMAN, DANCE FOR THE DEAD, VANISHING ACT, and SLEEPING DOGS.

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