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By Jonathon King

Dutton Books, 2006 ($24.95)
ISBN: 0525949534

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Jonathon King is best known for his PI series featuring Max Freeman, but his latest endeavor, EYE OF VENGEANCE, is a stand-alone thriller featuring south-Florida journalist Nick Mullins. Mullins is covering a routine-"perp-walk" of criminals being taken from jail to court when a notorious criminal is shot and killed with a single precision shot fired from far away. As Nick begins to investigate the shooting, he learns that there are other unsolved murders of criminals who "escaped justice." Nick and the police both believe the killer is a professional---either a police or a military trained sniper who is on a personal mission as executioner of criminals he deems were not given adequate justice. Of course, it seems that the killer is drawing his list of victims from articles written by Nick Mullins.

In EYE OF VENGEANCE King has spun a well-written thriller that his mystery fans are sure to enjoy.

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