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By Dean L. Hovey

Police procedural
j-Press Publishing
October 1999

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

Pine County seems like any little Minnesota town until one of the town's most popular "Party girls" is found murdered. What is assumed to be her ex-husband is found in the same house. It appears to be a murder-suicide. Nothing is ever that simple. When under sheriff Dan Williams goes toe to toe with the aging town coroner things soon begin to heat up. It is soon deduced that it is not a murder-suicide and a double murderer is on the loose.

Under sherriff Williams soon has his hands full as a full-scale investigation is on hand. Playing at the sidelines of the story is Barb, an aging stripper and waitress in the bar where both victims were last seen. Then there is Sandy, a young deputy with a heart of gold and shoulders broad enough for the whole world to cry on. Also featured is Pam, a young female deputy that feels she still has to prove that she is as good as the male deputies. This book had a wonderful sense of small town life, where everybody knows everybody. So why is it when they have a positive link to the crime they cannot find there murderer? Could they be hiding in plain sight?

I discovered what I thought to be the murderer about half way through but could not read fast enough to prove it to myself. I even seesawed back and forth trying to prove or disprove my theory.

This is an excellent novel. The police procedural scenes were handled well. The clues were few and far between. The solution did not just fall into the officer's lap. The reader as well as the officers had to work to solve this crime.

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