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Hear No Evil
By Bethany Campbell

Bantam Books, 1998 paperback, $5.99
ISBN 0-553-57688-7

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

When Eden Storey gets a phone call from the grandmother that raised her, she knows something is seriously wrong. She has not been home in 15 years and her grandmother says she needs her to help with "The Business." Eden knows that "The Business" means Jessie's telephone physic line.

Jessie has taken a bad fall and doesn't want to let her customers down. Eden has the uncanny ability to mimic her grandmother's voice perfectly. Little does Eden know that one of Jessie's customers will take her both into the past and bring her into the present. The voice is female and talks of death and blood in the sky and more horror.

Through it all Grandma's handsome neighbor is always there helping. Eden wonders what "debt" this handsome man owes her cranky old grandmother. She also wonders what his mystery is.

Hear No Evil is a very suspenseful read that rivals anything Mary Higgins Clark has written to date. Bethany Campbell handles this book with such skill the reader can not pull themselves away until the very end.

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