5 January, 2013

"I Almost 'Heart' My E-reader..."

Commentary by Cherie Jung

For several months — okay, for over two years — I have been contemplating which e-reader would best fit my needs. To be honest, I mostly need an e-reader so I can read e-galleys at places other than my desktop computer.

A week or so before Christmas I finally decided to take the plunge and join the happy throngs of e-reader owners. I ordered one online, received it two days later by mail, charged up the battery, logged into my account, and downloaded a book. One book. A mystery. New author, new series. Downloaded in under a minute. Nifty. $4.99. Nifty price, too.

Although, I had originally received the book as an e-galley I didn't read it in the time allotted. By the way, did you know that if you don't read e-galleys in a timely manner your access to them expires? I didn't know that! Well, I do now. I have a bunch of "expired" e-galleys on my desktop computer that have apparently given up on me ever reading them. But I digress...

I downloaded a book onto my e-reader. Yeah! Success. The process was as easy as described in the advertisements. Even I could do it. I was nearly giddy with anticipation.

As I said, it was a book I'd originally gotten as an e-galley, my access to it had expired but I really wanted to read the book so I bought it for myself. I suppose I could have asked the author or publisher for another go at it as an e-galley download but it only seemed fair that I should pay for it this time.

So. I have a book on my e-reader. One book. It's been there for nearly three weeks now. I did check to see that it was there. And it is...there...waiting...

I said I joined the e-reader craze, not that I embraced it.


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