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A Stephanie Plum Novel
By Janet Evanovich

St. Martin's Press, June 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-312-30626-1

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Janet Evanovich's funny, quirky, madcap character Stephanie Plum has came to a crosswords in her career. She has decided that being a bail bonds agent is no longer her calling. She is tired of being shot at, having her car blown up and most of all she is tired of rolling in the trash. That's it! She quits.

While Stephanie goes in search of a new career she must also deal with spooky death threats, her sister's upcoming wedding and the constant sexual tension between cop, Joe Morelli and the mysterious bail enforcement agent, Ranger.

Stephanie is a laugh a minute as the reader follows her through her many new jobs as secretary, drycleaner worker and fried chicken cooker. Unfortunately trouble follows her and she cannot seem to hold down a job.

This leaves her plenty of time to train Lula, a former prostitute, now bail bond agent to take over her job. Unfortunately, Lula's tactics include sleeping with the bail jumpers, breaking out windows and making repeated stops for fast food.

Throw into the mix, Stephanie's tippling mother, her gun toting grandma and her soon to be married sister and you have a recipe for once again a laugh a minute.

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