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By Carolyn Hart

Avon Books, September, 1999. Hardcover (277 pages) $23.00**

**This book will be available in paperback, in September 2000 and may be preordered at some internet sites, including but no pricing of the paperback edition is available at this time.

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

When blackmail rears its ugly head during the planning of the Broward's Rock Women's Club White Elephant Sale, and one of Annie Darling's best customers at Death on Demand Mystery Book Store becomes a suspect in a murder investigation, Annie has no choice but to get involved.

Five of the island's most prominent citizens have been blackmailed into "donating" some valuable items, which do not make it to the sales floor. The blackmailer, Kathryn Girard, has no car, no computer in her store, no credit cards, and apparently no past, but lots of secrets. She borrows the club's van to make some pickups, and when she does not return it, Henny Brawley goes looking for her and also goes missing. Annie and Max go out looking for Henny. Police chief Garrett is not far behind them. Instead of looking for Henny as a missing person though, he seeks her as a possible murderer.

In addition to the popular Death on Demand series featuring Annie and Max Darling, Ms. Hart also writes the Henrie O series, about a retired reporter turned sleuth. White Elephant Dead is the 11th book in the Death on Demand series. Death on the River Walk is the 5th book in the Henrie O series. Ms. Hart has published 29 books, to date.

Carolyn Hart fans may wish to visit her website for more information on the author and her books.

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