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By Elizabeth Haynes

Harper Paperbacks, January 2, 2013 ($14.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0062197269

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Catherine Bailey tells her story, in the format of a diary, of the time when she met Lee Brightman in 2003 and how she got trapped in an abusive relationship with him that almost got her killed. At the same time, we can also read the pages of her journal in 2007, when as a consequence of what she lived, she has developed OCD and PTSD. To her good luck, a new neighbor who also happens to be a psychologist, seems to understand where she comes from and is willing to help her. Several questions arise, like: "Will she ever be able to get into a relationship with someone again?" or "Why not even her best friend believed her when she was in trouble?" and most intriguing, "What will happen when after Christmas her abuser gets released from jail?"

The book starts a little slowly but as it goes farther it gets really hard to put down. In my opinion, this is a wonderful thriller and will keep you reading to the very end!

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