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A Cold Case Squad novel

By Edna Buchanan

Simon and Schuster, June 21, 2005
ISBN: 0743250559

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

In the previous book, COLD CASE SQUAD, author Edna Buchanan introduced her winning cast of characters. Miami Police department Sergeant Craig Burch and his fellow detectives Sam Stone and Pete Nazario. Their specialty is solving cold cases--cases that have gone unsolved and untouched for years.

In her second book involving the cold case squad, an historic preservationist has asked for help in delaying the destruction of a local mansion. She insists that a murder committed there in 1961 was never solved and any clues that are left will be destroyed by the demolition.

When the detectives concede to do a preliminary investigation they make a shocking discovery in the basement of the decrepit mansion. There they find an old travel trunk full of mummified infant corpses.

As the detectives work to uncover the puzzle of who these infants are and how they died they also find themselves working a case that involves Nazario's past.

As a young boy Nazario was orphaned by the double murder of his parents. Raised by his grandmother he has always wanted to be a policeman and solve the case of his parents death.

Once more Edna Buchanan has written an attention getting story. This tale is very involved but moved with such speed and fluidity the reader finds it hard to stop.

Ms. Buchanan is a retired journalist who once won the Pulitzer prize for her police column. She is the author of 15 books.

Edcom: The paperback version of this title is scheduled for release April 25, 2006.

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