A Consignment Shop Mystery

By Duffy Brown

Berkley, October 2, 2012 ($7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0425251607

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

This is the first book in the Consignment Shop mystery series by Duffy Brown. There are lots of twists, lots of suspects and of course, lots of alibis. The characters are very well developed and the imagery is so vivid that you can imagine being actually there.

It all starts when recently divorced Reagan Summerside borrows her ex-husband's car to deliver a fountain that she sold from her consignment shop. When she opens the trunk to put the fountain in, she discovers the body of her ex-husband's lover very well dressed but very dead inside. Hollis, Reagan's ex-husband, gets arrested as prime suspect, and warns Reagan that in order to pay for the attorney, he will have to sell the house that she was to keep after the divorce was settled.

In order to avoid losing her home, Reagan decides to investigate the crime herself because, as much as she hates her husband, she truly believes he is innocent. She finds out that Janelle, the victim, was actually hated by everyone because she was a blackmailer, giving lots of people motive to want her dead. As the investigation goes on, Reagan has to be very careful because now not only her house but her own life is at stake.

I personally loved this book and I fully recommend it to all cozy mystery lovers.

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