A Scumble River Mystery (#2)
By Denise Swanson

Signet, 2010 ($6.99)

ISBN-13: 978-0451229618

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

Denise Swanson did it again, another great book in her Scumble River mystery series!!

Riley Erickson, Skye's cousin, is about to get married to her millionaire fiancé Nick. Her wedding will take place in the little town of Scumble River, and lots of VIP guests are starting to arrive in town. Everything was perfect until, unexpectedly, just five days before the grand day, her wedding planner is murdered. With dozens of suspects on the list — starting with the fashion designer and going on with the food caterers and of course the vendors, suppliers, guests and even the personal acquaintances of the arrogant victim — Skye accepts Wally's idea to take over the job of the wedding planner. Skye knows that, although being a wedding planner for such a high-stakes event can be stressful, that will be the only way she will be able to prevent the wedding from getting cancelled thus allowing the suspects to get away from town before solving the crime.

In this book, not only the crime itself is interesting and you don't see the ending coming, but at least in my case it also kept me hooked because Skye promised Wally that after Riley's wedding she would give him the answer to his marriage proposal. At the same time, Simon tells Skye he would like a second chance, and Skye is having second thoughts about her love life.

A great cozy mystery with lovable characters and some nice romance, too!

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