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by Jane Goldman

Pocket Books, 2000
ISBN: 0671787209

Reviewed by Jennifer Ashley

The setting of this book is a theme park in Florida where workers must always be in character and bad things never happen (recognize it?).

So when a murder occurs, a frantic attempt to cover it up ensues. Sylvia Avery, of the park's security, finds herself drawn into the corruption and darkness behind the company to track down the killer and keep bad publicity from ruining the park.

I don't live in Florida, but apparently the author has stayed very true-to-life to the setting in and around Disneyworld, and has certainly done her homework about life in a theme park. The thriller action is lively and engaging, though the pace is a little slow at times, and her prose is not the best. The mystery itself is a bit cliché; the best points of the story are her descriptions of the park and what goes on behind-the-scenes.

I'm also not sure what the publisher was thinking when they designed the cover and inside fonts. I haven't seen anything that off-putting in a long time. But if you can get past that, the story is fairly enjoyable.

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