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By Victoria Laurie

Obsidian, 2009 ($6.99)
ISBN-10: 0451227794
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22779-9

Reviewed by Shirley Wetzel

Abigail Cooper's business as a psychic is on the verge of becoming a victim of the economy, so she accepts a consulting job for the FBI, despite the thinly-veiled contempt the head of the case, Brice Harrison, has for her abilities. She's become used to having to prove she's no fake, so she rolls with it. Three teenagers in three different states are missing, presumed to be kidnapping victims. The only thing they have in common is that they all have a parent in public service.

Abby has the ability to look at a photo and determine if the person is living or dead, and when she sees the pictures of the three teens, her heart sinks. She is able to direct the search team to the body of one of them, but tells Agent Harrison there is still a chance at least one of them is still alive. As far as he's concerned, she's done her bit and the FBI no longer needs her assistance. He warns her that she is not to discuss the case with her boyfriend Dutch, also an FBI agent, and in fact she needs to butt out and let the professionals do their job.

Abby feels strongly that there is a connection between the teens, and that if she doesn't figure it out and locate the kidnapper, there will be other deaths. The parents of one of the victims are convinced she can help find their child, and they hire her and her partner Candice, a private investigator. Once again, Abby proves that she is no charlatan, even convincing the most skeptical FBI agents that she has something to offer them.

This is the sixth book in Laurie's A Psychic Eye Mystery series, and it's a very enjoyable read. Ms. Laurie is herself a professional psychic, or intuitive, and knows whereof she speaks - and writes.

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