By Donna Andrews

Berkley, April 2003 ($ - price varies)

ISBN-13: 0425189457

Reviewed by Miriam Martinez

This is a delightful first book in the series. Turing Hopper, the computer at Universal Library, finds out that her creator has not logged in for a long time and starts getting worried. She needs to ask for help from some of the human users who chat with her, to find missing Zack. As time goes by, it becomes evident that Turing has developed sentience and human characteristics that no one thought a computer could have. Actually, she turns out to be a great detective and a caring friend. She uncovers a plot to destroy AIP (artificial intelligence personalities) and solves the case.

This is a great, amusing book with a one-of-a-kind detective that will be loved by readers. Smooth writing, lots of twists and entertainingly original.

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