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By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Warner Books, June 14th, 2005
ISBN: 0-446-57697-2

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are the wonderful team of writers that have given us such great novels as RELIC, THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, and last year's BRIMSTONE.

DANCE OF DEATH continues the story of Aloysius Pendergrast, a special FBI agent and his violently insane, yet incredibly intelligent brother Diogenes Pendergrast.

For all practical purposes Agent Pendergrast was killed in the final pages of BRIMSTONE. Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta has grieved for his dear friend but continued on with his work. His shock is unreal when Pendergrast shows up and needs Vincent's help once again.

All the people in Pendergrast's life are being killed in unusual ways. Ways that seem to echo how some of his distant relatives were killed in years past.

As the killing escalates it becomes obvious that Pendergrast is the target, being framed for the murders he did not commit. Framed by the one person who knows him best and hates him beyond all others, his brother Diogenes.

The story moves back and forth between the murders as Agent Pendergrast tries to keep his friends safe, using some rather unusual methods.

The New York Museum of History also figures strongly in the story calling forth some of the writing duo's past characters, researcher Margo Green, curator Nora Kelley, and the journalist, Bill Smithback.

They are several under stories woven throughout the book but beware they are all connected.

Rarely do two authors join together to create such fictional magic. Preston and Child are the exception to such a rule. The characters they have created travel well and the storylines never fail to hold this reader's attention.

Edcom: The paperback version of this title is scheduled for release January 1, 2006.

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