By Doris Mortman

Kensington, $23.95
ISBN: 1-57566-301-5

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

A wonderful book about how lives can be affected when someone decides to "do the right thing" and ends up in the Witness Protection program.

Ricki Baird was only nine when the world as she knew it ceased to exist. Her mother, a financial officer in an international bank, becomes aware of a wide spread case of money laundering and blows the whistle. Important people -- mob people -- are caught and sent to jail and the mob does not forget. From that moment on their lives are changed.

Ricki Baird no longer exists, and Amanda Maxwell is born. Many years later Amanda's love of photography leads her to a career as a NYPD forensic photographer. She reestablishes a relationship with her father who believed her dead all these years. When he is found dead, an apparent suicide, Amanda suspects that the past may be back to hunt her down.

As she searches for the truth Amanda finds herself the center of affection for two very different men. Her future is threatened. Amanda must make many decisions and try to solve the mystery before her life and many others are destroyed.

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