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by Ekaterine Nikas

Avid Press, LLC
ISBN: 1-92961375-x

Reviewed by Karen Meek

Sometimes, you want to be transported to sunnier climes with handsome would be heroes and plucky heroines. Next time you do, pick up a copy of THE DIVIDED CHILD, as that will hit the spot nicely.

THE DIVIDED CHILD, is set on the Greek Island of Corfu where American Christine Stewart is on holiday, visiting her parents' old honeymoon spot. Whilst sight-seeing at the Old Fortress, she chances upon a young British boy called Michael who is carrying a wise head for a nine-year-old. Michael shows Christine around the historic site but just as Christine is about to leave him at the end of the tour, she notices a large falling block of stone and pushes Michael out of its path.

Somewhat damaged, Christine takes Michael back to his home which he shares with his stepmother, Demetra, his step-uncle Spiro and some servants. As she arrives at the house, Christine's injuries lead her to faint. When she awakens she is in one of the bedrooms and finds herself being observed by a handsome man who bears a strong resemblance to Michael. The man turns out to be Geoffrey, Michael's uncle.

Geoffrey tells Christine that the accident was actually an attempt to murder Michael and that he suspects Spiro. When Christine finds out from Michael's lawyer that Geoffrey would inherit a fortune if Michael died, she doesn't know who to trust. In the hope of keeping Michael safe, at least during her holiday, Christine takes up a previously made offer from Spiro to move into their home for the rest of her stay.

So begins a fast paced tale full off twists and turns, danger and love. Though Christine alternates between trust and distrust of Geoffrey whilst remaining ever skeptical of the romantic advances made by Spiro, it is Michael who is the main focus of her affection.

I really enjoyed THE DIVIDED CHILD, I kept sneaking back to read just a few more pages whenever I could. In a clever touch the main character speaks the local language, though not everyone knows that, and this allows Christine to learn more than a conventional heroine would. Geoffrey is attractive but does act so mysteriously that Christine is right to be suspicious of him. There is also a very strong sense of place, I could easily picture the island and the relative locations of hotels, restaurants and sights. I'm eagerly awaiting the author's next book.

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