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by John Sandford

Putnam, 2000 (321 pages)
Also available in 4 hour audio book by Putnam
ISBN: 0-399-16450-4

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

John Sandford is best known for his Lucas Davenport hero in the Prey series, however Sandford has another hero, on the other side of the line of justice. Kidd. Kidd is a quasi-successful artist who keeps from starving by committing high tech thefts, usually with the aid of a computer.

In THE DEVIL'S CODE, the latest Kidd novel, one of Kidd's computer crook friends is killed in a shootout with security people while apparently breaking into the offices of a high tech company. The high tech company was doing work on the not-so-secret encryption chip, the Clipper II. Now Kidd's friend is dead and a cyber-terrorist group called Firewall is being blamed for the attack. And Kidd's cyber-handle is listed among the alleged members of Firewall. Kidd doesn't believe his friend would ever raise a gun, and Kidd knows he's not a member of Firewall. So who's pulling the strings behind this conspiracy? And was Kidd's friend murdered in cold blood? THE DEVIL'S CODEis a slightly different tale from the Lucas Davenport stories, but Kidd is a likable rogue, and once again John Sandford takes the reader on an exhilarating and fun ride.

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