Commentary by Cherie Jung

19 December, 2000

As those of you who have been with us for the past several years know, the road to publication with Over My Dead Body! can be a long and bumpy one. Many of you have stuck with us though, and been most generous with your time and commitments. And we thank you. Both for the quality of your work, and for your never ending patience. Small press publishing is difficult, at best and nearly impossible at its worst.

Over the next few months we are going to be stumbling through another period of change and growth. The website will get a fresh new look thanks to Karen Lyster, the graphic designer at Kiwi Graphics. The print magazine will continue with its focus on publishing original short fiction along with author profiles and interviews. The website will continue to provide book reviews, news, and information of interest to mystery readers. We have added several new writing contests to the website. We plan to add more, if these prove popular.

Looking ahead to spring, we plan to launch Over My Dead Body! Books with the publication of SPIRIT OF THE SILENT BUTLER, the second book in the psychological suspense series by Babs Lakey. We will also be re-issuing a newly edited version of SPIRIT OF THE STRAIGHTEDGE, the first book in the series.

These are going to be exciting times over the next few months. We anticipate the year 2001 will be off to a roaring start from day one. We look forward to the challenge, and we look forward to your continued support. We also promise to try to make the bumpy road to publication a bit smoother this year.


PS - and for those of you who are used to my crankier commentaries, I have one of those coming up next.

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