By Adrian Ludens

Mrs. Martinson has no cuts on her bare feet, despite shards of broken china covering Nancy Dixon’s floor. While inside, Rebecca also noticed the floor was otherwise clean, implying no stray grass clippings were present, thus clearing Mr. McQuay. Stuart claimed to have spent the last hour driving around, but he sits on the hood of his Mustang. If he’d really been driving for an hour, the heat from the engine would make the metal hood too hot to touch.

Adrian Ludens is a mystery and horror author from Rapid City, SD. His debut collection, BEDTIME STORIES FOR CARRION BEETLES is available in a variety of formats from Amazon and Smashwords. Also on Amazon is a collaboration with two other South Dakota-based authors called GRUESOME FACES, GHASTLY PLACES, a collection of horror and suspense. For more information, a cover gallery, and more visit

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