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New Stories about Love, Lust, and Murder

Presented by Mystery Writers of America
Edited by Harlan Coben

Back Bay Books/Little, Brown and Company (2006)
($13.99 US, $18.99 CAN)
ISBN: 0-316-01263-7

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

This anthology is from the Mystery Writers of America. Contributing authors include Ridley Pearson, Lee Child, Charles Ardai, Brendan DuBois, Bonnie Hearn Hill, Steve Hockensmith, William Kent Krueger, Tim Maleeny, Rick McMahan, P. J. Parrish, Tom Savage, Charles Todd, Tim Wohlforth, Jeff Abbott, Jim Fusilli, Laura Lippman, R. L. Stine, Jay Brandon, and Harlan Coben.

Sometimes I think mystery and crime fans forget that short stories can be just as intriguing and fun as a full length book. Others might tend to avoid looking for short stories in magazines because frankly, there aren't all that many mystery/crime magazines out there these days. So, when a new anthology comes along, and one presented by Mystery Writers of America, it just makes sense for people to get to their bookstores or favorite online book source and pick up a copy. And that is exactly what I suggest readers do.

There are nineteen stories in DEATH DO US PART: New Stories about Love, Lust, and Murder and I simply don't believe if you are a fan of mysteries and crime tales, that you won't be able to find enough stories in this anthology to make you glad you made the effort to purchase a copy. (And, no, you can't borrow my copy!)

I started with "The Cold Hard Truth" by Rick McMahan because he writes reviews for omdb! and because I know I like how he writes. Charles Ardai's story, "The Home Front" was next, followed by Tim Wohlforth's "The Masseuse." (You can start with the more famous authors if you want to, but do yourself a favor and don't hesitate to read the stories by the author's you may not have heard of before. I have the advantage of having read stories by Ardai, Wohlforth, and McMahan in my capacity as editor/publisher of Over My Dead Body! and I know these guys can write!)

My copy of DEATH DO US PART arrived via mail, from my favorite local bookstore on a cold and rainy day (today). I meant to only browse through the pages, intending to set the book aside and read it later. By the time I had finished reading the stories I mentioned above, I was turning pages back and forth and reading story after story until I realized I'd have to turn on a light because the day had passed into evening and there wasn't enough available light at my desk to continue reading without the aid of some electricity.

I heartily recommend DEATH DO US PART for mystery and crime fiction fans.

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