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By Eric Wright

Collins, Don Mills, Ontario, 1985 Hardcover edition Canada
Signet, 1986 Paperback edition US

ISBN-10: 0451144503
ISBN-13: 978-0451144508

Reviewed by Dawn Crawford

Inspector Charlie Salter is a police officer from Toronto, Canada. He is on vacation with his wife in England, when the the landlord of the hotel he is staying in is murdered.

Salter starts out by assisting his counter part, Inspector Churcher, but is soon put in his place by Churcher's boss. However, Inspector Salter does not sway easily, and he decides to do some investigating on the sly. The course of the investigation leads him to Italy, and he even finds some links back to Canada.

The story itself is interesting, the part that is a little far fetched is that the British police would even acknowledge Inspector Salter's credentials, let alone listen to suggestions.

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