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By Adrian McKinty

Scribner, February 28, 2006 ($25.00)
ISBN: 0743266439

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

Michael Forsythe is back! We first met him in DEAD I WELL MAY BE, the prequel to THE DEAD YARD. Readers will remember Michael as a Belfast teenager booted off the dole in Northern Ireland who illegally immigrated to New York City in 1992 and became "involved" in the local Irish mob. I won't tell you how or what happened. Go read DEAD I WELL MAY BE before you read THE DEAD YARD.

This time around, Michael is off for a vacation in Spain but runs into trouble (and prison) when a soccer match between the Irish and the Brits turns violent. He has to do some fast scrambling because his unresolved past is rapidly catching up to him. And that's how he ends up undercover in an IRA splinter group based in Boston. And we won't even mention that he's sexually involved simultaneously with a British agent and the daughter of the IRA group. Yep, he's still making bad choices!

Again, the action is fast-paced and thrilling. The dialogue is snappy, with a dry wit. I loved it!

Why hasn't someone made these two books into movies yet?!?

McKinty's second book, HIDDEN RIVER did not feature Michael Forsythe. DEAD I WELL MAY BE was the author's first book and introduced Michael Forsythe.

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