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By Adrian McKinty

Pocket, September, 2004 ($6.99) Reprint edition
ISBN: 0743470567

Reviewed by Cherie Jung

If you haven't heard of this author, you must be a tea and cozy mystery reader. He's exploded on the scene with three must read thrillers. The action doesn't get much more hardboiled than this. The pacing is fast, the dialogue snappy, and the overall story, one to die for, as they used to say.

As for the plot, I don't want to give too much away. It spoils the adventure. Let's just say that Michael Forsythe is a Belfast teenager booted off the dole in Northern Ireland who illegally immigrates to New York City in 1992. His situation being what it is, his choices of employment are limited and he makes some risky choices in friends and lovers. The rest of the story will unravel itself as you read.

The only drawback I can see is if you're a stickler for the protagonist being a "good guy" in the sense that he is a law-abiding citizen. Michael Forsythe is a crook. He's a charming crook, but a crook, none the less.

McKinty's second book, HIDDEN RIVER did not feature Michael Forsythe. His third book, THE DEAD YARD does. I strongly urge readers to read DEAD I WELL MAY BE before reading THE DEAD YARD.

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