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WITNESS TO EVIL: a Jeri Howard mystery
by Janet Dawson

Crest, October, 1998 $6.50

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

This was my first Janet Dawson book but definitely not my last. I was hooked from almost the first page.

Jeri Howard is a private investigator in San Francisco, When asked to retrieve a 16 year old runaway from Paris, she cannot think of a better job. Fly to Paris and someone else is paying, not bad. However the story becomes complicated and she finds herself sympathizing with Darcy when she catches up with her. Darcys parents were rich and preoccupied with their own lives. Darcy's grandmother had told her of her past as one of France's hidden children. A Jewish child who is taken away from her parents and hidden with other families in an attempt to save her from the Nazi death camps. All turns out well and Jeri has a new friend.

Months later, a frantic call on the answering machine attests to the fact that Darcy is once again in trouble. She has disappeared from a private school for troubled teenagers and a dead body is left behind. Worse her fingerprints are found in his stolen car. Has Darcy stumbled into a case of Nazism alive and well in the present? Can Jeri find her before the other people looking for her does?

As I said, a great book that hooks you from the beginning.

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