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By Lisa Gardner

Bantam Books

Reviewed by Sue Johnson

September, 1977. Huntsville, Texas. Convicted serial child killer Russell Lee Homes is sent to the electric chair taking to his grave not only the location of some of the victims' bodies but also the identity of his only child.

Almost simultaneously a nine-year-old girl is discovered, abandoned in a Boston Hospital, the victim of a unknown drug overdose. Who is this child? Where did she come from?

The story picks up again in 1997. The abandoned child has been adopted by a wealthy family. She is a very lucky woman. So where are these terrifying visions and dreams coming from? Why has a reporter been investigating her past? Where are these mysterious notes coming from?

THE OTHER DAUGHTER is Lisa Gardner's second book. I was lucky enough to stumble on the first one, THE PERFECT HUSBAND, earlier this year. Lisa Gardner spins a wonderful suspenseful yarn and this book was no let down. It will keep you guessing until the very last page. I can't wait until her newest book is published.

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