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by Michael Connelly

Warner Paperback, 2002, 470 pages, $7.99.
ISBN: 0446667900

Reviewed by Rick McMahan

Michael Connelly's newest book brings together characters from several of his books. A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT has LAPD Detective Harry Bosch in it, but I really wouldn't classify the book as a Bosch novel. The book also brings the return of Terry McCaleb (BLOOD WORK). The premise is thus-a murderer who's believed to have escaped justice turns up murdered, and Bosch was the investigating officer on the unsolved case, and an LA County Sheriff's Homicide Detective believes that Harry Bosch may have crossed the line and killed the man who escaped justice. However, Harry Bosch is at the center of a media hyped Hollywood trial, and people are afraid that Bosch is so well-connected in the cop community that he may be warned if an official investigation is opened. Instead they bring in former FBI agent Terry McCaleb to "free-lance" on the case. Bosch has been on the Force a long time, so McCaleb knows that he has to tread lightly, so that the homicide cop won't get wind that he's now the suspect in a homicide. And besides, Bosch is just about to start a high profile murder trial, so there is speculation that the murder wrap may be a setup to derail the trial.

As always, Connelly delivers a well-written tale with interesting characters and plot-line that draws the reader in from the opening line. The one word of warning I would give: readers (such as myself) expecting A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT to be a Harry Bosch novel will be slightly disappointed. Though Bosch is a central part of this novel, the chief protagonist in the book is Terry McCaleb. Having said that, A Darkness More Than Night is another top notch story by Michael Connelly.

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