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By P.J. Parrish

Kensington Books, (April, 1999) $23.00

Reviewed by Sue Johnson (11/99)

Louis Kincaid has returned to Black Pool, Mississippi. He has been called there by a distant aunt because his mother is dying. He left there many years ago as a foster child and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. He does not know his mother and has no feelings for her or the town where he was born. What he remembers most is that fact that he was half white, half Afro- American in a time when that was not accepted. He never knew the white man who was his father.

After arriving in Black Pool, Louis takes a job with the local Sheriffs Department as an investigator. He is the first black police officer in this town's history.

Not long on the job, Louis is called to investigate the remains of a body partially unearthed in a shallow grave outside of town.

It is soon obvious that the body has been buried for some time and that the victim was bound and then hung. Immediate clues point to the fact that the body is at least 20 years buried. That would put the death in the mid-sixties when racial issues were very intense.

As Louis investigates this case he soon discovers someone would like to keep the past in the all costs.

This was a fast-paced police procedural that kept me up late for two nights, in order to finish reading the book and discover who the murderer was and why.

Edcom: This book will be available in paperback in January, 2000. You may pre-order this book now. Also, when looking for this book, remember that John Dickson Carr, Howard Richardson, Wiliam Berney, Karen Robards, and Janice Daugharty have all writtend books with the exact same title.

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