Trouble in Town Hall
a Dorothy Martin Mystery
By Jeanne M Dams

Paperback by Harper
February, 1998

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

How does a middle aged, American widow, find herself living in England, in an historic house badly needing repair, and right in the middle of a murder mystery? This is the question Dorothy Martin finds herself answering once again.

After the loss of her husband Dorothy finds herself living in Sherebury, a charming English town, and right in the middle of a murder involving the decaying old town hall. Some factions wish to restore the lovely old building while others would like to make a shopping mall out of it. So why is there a dead man and what part does he play in this?

Go along with Dorothy as she learns the local customs, finds out who has skeletons in their closets, and who may have ties to the murdered man.

This book broke one of my steadfast rules. I have long resisted reading books set in England. After I had devoured Christie nothing seemed to keep my attention. However with Dorothy playing our American Heroine, I found the book enjoyable and easy to read...

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